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Until we meet again, Kenya!

Updated: Mar 1

As I bid farewell to an unforgettable summer in Kenya, I am deeply moved by the kaleidoscope of experiences that have left an indelible mark on my journey of professional and personal growth. This period of immersion in the realities of international development has been both enlightening and thought-provoking.

A pivotal lesson drawn from this engagement lies in the imperative to center our work within the local context with genuine humility. My interactions with communities, whether enjoying chai in Lamu or navigating the markets of Mombasa, underscored for me the importance of contextual understanding. Meaningful development necessitates moving beyond the notion of imposing solutions; instead, it involves co-creating interventions with the people directly impacted, respecting their agency and the intricacies of their lived experiences.

The landscape of international development beckons a profound commitment to evidence and impact evaluation, transforming this routine practice into a narrative of enlightenment and discovery. This summer in Kenya has not merely reinforced the commonplace notion of implementing initiatives and measuring their effectiveness. Instead, it has unfolded as an ode to the intricate dance between theory and practice, where the diverse landscapes and communities of Kenya have become a vibrant tapestry illustrating the profound significance of rigorous evaluation in the pursuit of sustainable, transformative change.

In this dance of impact evaluation, we discover that it is not a mere exercise in measurement but a profound dialogue with the essence of human experience. Each data point becomes a note in the symphony of change, and every evaluation is a chapter in the evolving narrative of progress. The impact, thus, becomes more than a statistic; it is an unfolding story, a testament to the resilience and adaptability of communities, and a beacon guiding the way toward a future shaped by evidence, insight, and meaningful transformation.

I am grateful for warmth of the Kenyan people and expat community living there for opening their hearts and homes for me. I will forever cherish those meaningful conversations, memories, and adventures. I pledge to take those learnings with me in my next endeavors. As I look ahead to my future engagements in international development, my enthusiasm is grounded in a commitment to shaping discussions that prioritize a human-centric approach, leverage the power of behavioral science, and underscore the indispensable role of evidence and impact evaluation.

Asante sana for joining me on this incredible journey, and here's to the next chapter of growth, advocacy, and making a lasting positive impact in our world. May our collective efforts in international development be guided by the lessons learned under the African sun.



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