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Internship Behind The Scenes: A Day in The Life

Updated: Mar 1

My summer internship in Kenya has been a journey unlike any other.

I fell in love with the country and its sense of ease. Its enchantment goes beyond its breathtaking landscapes; it's a place where simplicity, warmth, and purpose converge to create an extraordinary experience. My life in Kenya was extremely fulfilling, with each day bringing a new adventure.

Morning Bliss: Setting Intentions

Each day begins with a mindful ritual that sets the tone for how I want my day and feeling to shape up: intention setting. This reflective practice connects me with the vibrant energy of this city, grounding me for the day ahead.

Local Coffee Delights

Nairobi hides gems in plain sight, and my favorite local coffee shop is one of them. The aroma of freshly brewed Kenyan coffee fills the air as I sip and chat with the friendly baristas who've become familiar faces during my stay.

A Boda Boda to Work

Nairobi's streets blend traditions and modernity seamlessly. My daily walk or motorcylce ride to the Busara Center office or the location of that day's fieldwork is a vibrant tapestry of local markets, street vendors' conversations, and a bustling cityscape.

Connecting with Colleagues

At the Busara office, I have the privilege of working with an exceptional team of researchers and professionals. The collaborative spirit here is infectious, and I relish the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from my colleagues, and contribute to projects that have the potential to drive meaningful change. Whether we are at the lab testing behavioral economic games, collecting data in the field, or brainstorming a new project, we are all driven by the shared purpose of public service.

The Café Office and Inclusivity

In the late afternoon, I relocate to a cozy café that's become a second office. This particular café is unique—it's run entirely by individuals who can't speak or hear, and we've all learned sign language to communicate. It's a beautiful testament to inclusivity and the power of human connection.

Physical Well-Being: Tennis, Kickboxing, and More

Evenings are a dynamic mix of physical activities—tennis, kickboxing, or general workouts. But what truly stands out is my personal trainer's remarkable story of rising from Nairobi's slums to become a global fitness influencer. His journey embodies resilience and the indomitable human spirit, he was a constant source of inspiration for me.

Nairobi's Nightlife and Exploration

As the night falls, Nairobi's lively nightlife awaits. Every night, my and my friends discover something new. Whether it is salsa dancing, rock climbing, or restaurant tasting. Nairobi's diversity ensures that exploration never gets old.

Evening Reflections and Bonds

Back at our cozy flat, my flatmate and I share stories and insights from our day's adventures. It's incredible how we, two girls from different corners of the world, found each other by chance. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a similar value system and profound perspective on the world. We've become chosen sisters, engaging in conversations that explore Kenya's complexities and the broader human experience.

My time in Nairobi has been a holistic blend of daily rituals, adventures, and heartwarming connections. Kenya's magic has woven itself into my everyday life, infusing each moment with purpose, wonder, and the joy of exploration.



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